Our Maintenance Services

Located out of Omaha, Cypress XM serves businesses nationwide. With just one hire, you can get a consistent, professional maintenance for all of your locations.

We Keep Your Business Looking Great

Reliable commercial roofing installation, repairs, restorations, and inspections for your business.

Our landscaping services will ensure that customers are impressed with your outdoor space. 

Our snow removal services prevent your parking lots and walkways from becoming inaccessible.

Keeping a parking lot in tip-top condition creates an inviting appearance for customers.

Pressure washing is the quickest, most effective, and most affordable way of keeping a property clean.

We provide turf installation, overseeding, patch repairs and more to keep your field safe and attractive.

Whether you need concrete repair, water extraction, or window washing—our team has your back.

Bundle Your Services

Require complete coverage? We provide fully customized exterior maintenance plans for businesses.

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Previous Projects

Cypress XM is the best in the industry for exterior maintenance. We are confident that our work will speak for itself.