Synthetic Turf Maintenance: A Guide

Synthetic turf can last over fifteen years, instead of only living for a few like natural grass. Because of this, it has become very popular around offices, athletic fields, and other locations.

Still, to keep it for this long, you cannot just place it and hope. You need to engage in synthetic turf maintenance to keep it from decaying.

So, what are the steps you need to engage in to ensure your synthetic field remains pristine? Below we detail some maintenance tips so you, or a professional, can keep your turf in its best condition.

Decompact and Clean the Infill

The infill is the material used on top of the turf’s base surface. It allows the turf to stand upright, giving the impression of healthy grass. Without infill, the grass will fall flat as though it had been combed against the floor.

Over time, though, the infill can become dirty or start to compact. This can cause damage to the turf, or again prevent it from standing upright. By decompacting it, it will look as it did when you first bought it, whereas cleaning it can prevent mold or moisture damage over time.

Level the Infill

After you clean the infill, you need to make sure it is not higher in some areas than others. Level the infill by grooming it. You can guide a heavy brush along the turf to do this, so long as it is evenly brushed at the end. 

Treat Weeds and Pests

Despite the artificial nature of the turf, you might sometimes see weeds in the turf. You could also sometimes have infestations of pests. As the turf will not perish from chemical treatment, you can use weed-killer or pest removal treatments to reduce this problem.

Repair Damage

Sometimes the turf itself receives damage from overuse or accidents. In such a situation, you can either replace the whole section or get a professional to measure and place the specific area that received harm. Of course, replacing a small area may cause this area to appear different due to a lack of wear, so talk to your professional about the best course of action.

Keep a Log of Maintenance

Whenever you maintain the turf, keep a log of this action. This can help you to inform others of the steps you have taken and when. If someone else is performing this task for you, it means you can check they are doing the job right every time.

Get the Best Synthetic Turf Maintenance

As you start your synthetic turf maintenance process, you want to know that it will finish with your lawn in the best state it can exist in. This is why you need a professional who has the tools, experience, and speed to get it done well.

Our people can talk to you about what we can offer you, no matter how large your turf or what you use it for. All you need to do is give us a call and we can work with you to get you the best deal possible.

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